Wooden Advent Calendar

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift?

What better way to count down the days to Christmas than with a beautifully made and ethical wooden Advent calendar? Our collection of beautiful wooden advent calendar is perfect for counting down the days to Christmas in true ethical style. Fill with treats, promises, challenges or small toys and evoke the magic of Christmas every morning.

Our Wooden Advent Calendar makes the perfect gift. It features 24 beautiful doors that you can fill with different Christmas-themed treats. The excitement builds as we count down the days to Christmas and we eagerly watch the Advent calendar.

Advent calendars have been around for centuries. It was first used by German Lutherans in the 19th and 20th centuries. It's design has evolved over the years but the spirit of Christmas has not been lost on these advent calendars. Traditionally, advent calenders feature the manger scene but there are plenty of design to choose from, winter images, winter animals like elks and reindeers, snowmen, castles and many more. Wood is the most common material used in advent calendars but in some cases, they are made of plastic and some are even made from paper like a comicbook inspired advent calendars.

While most advent calenders are small in size, the joy they bring and the memories they create are huge specially on kids. Counting down the days in anticipation for Christmas can be very exciting. Most advent calenders feature a small drawers which can be used to store secret trinkets and surprises. Some advent calenders have battery powered light bulbs which lights up at night.

Your holiday time should be spent in the company of friends and family and not on stressing what Christmas decorations to use. We have selected some of the best advent calendars we find, some are wood and we even have chocolate advent calendars. You can make counting down the days before Christmas with our selection of advent calendars.

Why we love advent calendar?

We love an advent calendars of all kinds but we like advent calendars more. An advent calendar is part of a fond memory of special Christmas spirit. It sets a festive mood in your house and brings holiday cheer, making your annual Christmas countdown more special, exciting and fun. Every year I waited in anticipation for the first day of December, when the advent calendar would appear, and the magic would begin. Children love these special Christmas moments and memories, and using a beautiful, reusable, sustainable advent calendar is so much better than a single use one, covered in plastic.

Also, most advent calendars are designed to complement any Christmast decorations you have at home so you do not have to worry about how your home would appear if you add an advent calendar to your decorations.

Our selection of advent calendar

We have a selection of advent calendar in stock, from a selection of sustainable, ethical suppliers. Everything from the gorgeous tall Ek Wooden Advent Calendar to the more full Winter Dream Wooden Advent Calendar, which evokes strong memories of snowy Christmas’ gone by

Elk Advent Calendar

An advent calendar made from wood featuring 24 small drawers and an elk figure at the top. Winter images adorn each drawer making this a very good advent calendar for any Christmas decorations.

Snowman Advent Calendar

This unique advent calendar in the shape of Snowman is made from wood as well and features battery powered light bulbs that light up the 24 small drawers to make it easy for your kids to open the right compartments even in the dark. Nothing screams Christmas than this advent calendar.

An advent calendars made from wood not only sets the mood in time for Christmas but they are good on the environment too. This kind of advent calendar uses renewable materials like wood and they are usually finished with non-toxic water-based dyes. Who says you can't save our planet at the same celebrate the Yuletide season? Well now you can with plenty of selection to choose from, there is an advent calendar made from wood for you.

We also have fairtrade chocolates in the shape of an advent calendar. Perfect alternative for a sugar-free chocolatey Christmas celebration. Indulgent and creamy, these organic chocolates as are some of the best on the market.

If you are looking to celebrate Christmas in style, look no further than our calendar collection.

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