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A stunning collection of wooden animals and figures, perfect for anyone that loves wooden toys and animals. We have a great range of animal toys including farm animals, wild animals, woodland critters and birds just waiting to come and play. From beautiful handcrafted wooden animal toys by Holztiger and Ostheimer to Barns, arks, farms and stables for them to live in.

These wooden animals are beautiful and tactile, designed to inspire children's imagination. These wooden animals and figures are handmade using responsibly sourced materials like wood and finished with non-toxic dyes, making them safe for your kids and the environment.

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£11.45  (9)
Holztiger Hare small running
£5.95  (3)
Holztiger Lamb black 80078
£7.96  (2)
£7.96  (2)
HOLZTIGER Sheep feeding
£8.95  (1)
HOLZTIGER Sheep, standing
£8.95  (5)
Ostheimer Kangaroo Father
Ostheimer Wolf
Holztiger Brown bear
£10.45  (15)
HOLZTIGER Cow grazing black
£10.45  (6)
Holztiger Duck swimming 80024
£7.96  (4)
HOLZTIGER Elephant trunk raised
£14.95  (11)
Holztiger Giraffe, small, feeding
£11.45  (3)
Holztiger Guinea pig
£5.95  (3)
HOLZTIGER Horse head raised grey mane
£9.95  (2)
Holztiger Joseph 80454
Holztiger Lioness 80140
£9.95  (7)
Holztiger Mouse White
£5.95  (5)
HOLZTIGER Orca whale
£11.95  (6)
Holztiger Panther
£9.95  (7)
Holztiger Pig dappled 80069
£7.96  (3)
£5.95  (8)
Ostheimer Donkey running
£21.95  (14)
HOLZTIGER Calf black
£6.95  (4)
HOLZTIGER Calf standing black
£9.46  (3)
HOLZTIGER Farmdog small
£7.96  (7)
£13.45  (21)
Holztiger Ostrich
£8.95  (3)
Holztiger Ram
£8.95  (3)
Holztiger Sheep black standing
£8.95  (2)
Ostheimer Bremer Dog
Ostheimer Calf b&w drinking
Ostheimer Calf brown standing
Ostheimer Cow brown eating
Ostheimer Deer standing
Ostheimer Duck swimming
Ostheimer Fawn lying
£8.70  (1)
Ostheimer Frog jumping
Ostheimer Goose standing
Ostheimer Gosling head high
Ostheimer Gosling head low
Ostheimer Hen brown on nest
£9.95  (1)
Ostheimer Hippopotamus small
Ostheimer Ostrich
Ostheimer Rabbit small
Ostheimer Red Deer eating
Ostheimer Rooster white
Ostheimer Spotted Pig head low
£10.96  (1)
Ostheimer St. Bernard Dog
£12.10  (1)
Tender Leaf Hedgehog
HOLZTIGER Dolphin jumping
£9.95  (9)
Holztiger Hedgehog Small
£5.95  (3)
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Start your Wooden Animal collection today

Every child should have a set of wooden animals of some description. Wooden animals encourage imaginative small world play, allow children to develop their vocabulary and narrative thinking through play, and can transport you and your child to far of places and fantasy lands.

Holztiger and Ostheimer Wooden Animals

We stock both Ostheimer and Holztiger wooden animals and love both ranges. Both are handcrafted from sustainable hardwoods, hand painted with water based stains, and kept simple allowing your children's imagination to fill in the details.

Although these two ranges of wooden animals each have a different look they work together and you can happily build a collection of wooden animals by picking your favourites from each range. The natural finish of wooden toys makes these animals great for stacking as well as playing more traditional animal games. Stacking wooden toys is a great challenge for all ages that requires skill and patience. Get ready for a collection of wooden animal tower photo's. 

A good place to start if you are just beginning your collection of wooden animals is to go with a theme. Start with a set of farmyard wooden animals or woodland wooden animals and build on it. Wild animals are always popular with children especially African Safari wooden animals. And you could always go all out and fill one of the fabulous Ostheimer or Holztiger wooden arks.

Why we love wooden animal toys over plastic animals

Choosing wooden animals over plastic toys is not only better for the environment but also creates a different play experience. Wooden toys feel different in the hand. These wooden animals are warm and natural. And they tend to be simpler meaning they encourage the imagination and are less distracting than other toys.

Plus a collection of wooden animals is both durable and timeless. These hand-carved wooden animals are stunning pieces but they are designed to be played with and loved. They are stained rather than painted so you won’t get paint chipping off. Plus, these wooden animals are chunky and made of hardwood so the risk of breakage is minimal.

Investing in beautiful wooden animal toys now is not only an investment for your children but for grandchildren as well.

Wonderful traditional toys from a wooden farm set to a wooden ark and collection of wooden animals that your kids will simply adore.

Wooden animals and playsets are the perfect examples of traditional wooden toys that have stood the test of time. Children love playing with animals and putting them in their houses, then taking them on adventures around your house. Whether you choose a farmyard full of pigs, cows, ducks and sheep, a stable full of horses, a safari park with lions, tigers and giraffes or a polar bear living on an ice flow. Encourage pretend play and creative play with our wide range of beautiful wooden .

Wild Animal Toys

If you ask children what their favourite animal is some might go for a dog or a cat, especially if they have these at home. Others will have a love of horses, especially if they are lucky enough to ride them. But for most children, it's the animals they don't see every day that they really love. Tigers and Lions are a popular choice as are giraffes and Elephants. Panda bears get a lot of love as do penguins.

Whatever your children's favourite, the likelihood is that either Ostheimer or Holztiger (or both) have created a beautiful wooden version that can be loved and treasured for years to come. And being as there are so many animals to choose from you might as well start with their favourites and go from there. You can collect whole families of lions, tigers and bears, or fill a forest with foxes, wild boar and squirrels. 

These animal toys also make beautiful ornaments when not being played with and can be used to create stunning seasonal displays or learning activities. They also work really well in story sacks.

Wooden Farm Sets and Animal Toys

Baba Me