Wooden Baby Walker

We have the ideal wooden baby walkers for your child. They are made of high-quality, ethically sourced wood and are completely safe for babies. These activity walkers and pull along toys also help young children develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and colour recognition. Our selection of baby walkers will keep your child occupied as they learn to take their first steps!

Watch as your child learns to walk with our range of wooden baby walkers! We have something for every budget so you can find what suits you best. Browse our collection now and find the best wooden baby walker for your precious little one!

Baby Walkers

Baby walkers are great toys for babies and toddlers that are already cruising and for those that have not yet found their feet. Our range of beautifully designed walkers is designed to give little ones just the right amount of support, as well as providing lots of fun and excitement.

Choose a cart or a camper van full of blocks, a fab jingling roller with removable back wheels, an activity walker or even a trolley that doubles as a ride on for when they get a bit bigger. Whatever you are looking for we have an amazing trolley or activity centre just for you.

Our range of baby walkers all have lots of engaging activities for little ones to get involved with before they are standing. Playing with walkers like the Tidlo or BigJigs activity trolley is great for keeping tummy time fun. Playing with a toy on a vertical plane will help strengthen their upper body, neck and arms, as they push up and reach for things. Plus it’s a great way to practise reaching and grasping.

Just make sure the baby trolley is backed up against something so it doesn’t roll away from them as this will not only be frustrating before they are able to chase after it but could also lead to them getting hurt.

Then once they are sitting in an activity centre is the perfect way to keep them amused, developing both fine and gross motor skills at the same time. These toys have lots of things to push and pull, twist and move, and the bright colours and pretty patterns are really engaging.

Sturdy push along toys with easy-grip handles are perfect for babies to pull themselves up to standing, developing strength and balance. They can still see their feet. Once they find their feet it gives them a bit of extra stability taking their first steps. And once they have mastered the art of walking there’ll be no stopping them as they push their walker around the room transporting toys as they go.

Unlike a sit-in, a push along encourages the strengthening of the same muscles you would use learning to walk without one. It’s a bit like holding your hands or pulling themselves up on the edge of the sofa or coffee table. Whereas in a sit-in, your child learns to scoot around using their toes which will develop different muscles and doesn’t help them develop the balance they require for walking.

Studies have shown that these types of sit-ins don’t help babies' development, in fact, they can hamper it, and that they can be dangerous. So we think wooden push alongs are a much better investment for your child.

Here are top picks:

Plan Toys

We love this unusual walker from plan toys. Strong and sturdy children can use it to pull themselves up and give them a bit of extra balance as they are taking their first tentative steps. The big roller at the front has a bell inside and so makes a pleasing jingling sound as they move forward, encouraging them to take more steps and keep the music going.

We love the fact that the handle is height adjustable so it can grow with your child. And the fact that the back wheels can be removed. This means that when your child is more stable on their feet you can change it from a walker to a push along toy. We think it makes a fabulous toy lawnmower or vacuum cleaner.

Made from a mix of sustainable rubberwood, harvested close to the factory from trees that are no longer producing rubber, and PlanWood, an ingenious product made from the sawdust from the Plan Toys factory that would otherwise be a waste product. This would make a great gift that is sure to be appreciated by eco-minded parents.


The Tidlo walker with ABC blocks is similar to the one you might have had as a child but with some colourful modern twists.

The sturdy wooden handle is easy for little hands to hold and has two bars so it’s perfect for little and bigger walkers. The wooden wheels have a rubber grip strip to stop them from sliding away too quickly and give a bit of extra traction on smooth surfaces. And there are brightly coloured beads at the front that are great to play with long before you are ready for walking.

The colourful wooden blocks are a toy in their own right. Perfect for developing fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving and balance as they stack them high and knock them to the ground. They also have letters and numbers on so are perfect for letter and number recognition, learning to count, colour sorting and all sorts of educational games.

This is a walker that will be loved long after your baby has learned to walk. The cart might be used as a shopping trolley, a pram or a wheelbarrow in future games. And wooden blocks are always fun for building with.

Indigo Jamm Bernies Ride On Bus

This is certainly not what you might first imagine when somebody says walker as it looks more like a ride-on toy. And that’s the beauty of it. It’s been designed to do both. Plus, it’s also a lovely big red bus with a driver and a lift-up roof so it can be filled with passengers.

The handle at the back is just right to grip onto and push the bus along, and once they are ready, it can also be used as a ride-on toy with a nice smooth handle at the front as well for them to hold on to while they are cruising. Children will love playing with the bus driver, taking their toys for a ride. While parents will love the retro design.


The Big Jigs Activity Walker comes in two designs, Marine and Flower, and both are packed full of sensory stimulation and fun activities for babies both before and after they learn to walk.

Both feature a rainbow design at the top and a little slider so your child can switch between the sun and the moon. A shape sorter on one side, which is great for shape recognition and developing fine motor skills and dexterity. And lots of things to slide, twist, turn and spin.

They are very sturdy and have an easy to grip handle which babies can use to pull themselves up to standing and take support and balance from as they figure out how to walk. The wheels have a rubber grip strip to stop them from sliding on smooth surfaces. And there’s even space at the back to bring a favourite teddy along for the ride. Or transport toys around the house.

The Tidlo activity walker is a similar design with lots of engaging activities to keep little hands and minds amused as they play and develop. Again it’s a high-quality toy and so it’s really just a case of picking a design you like. After all, you are going to have to look at it for a while.

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