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wooden balance bike

Wooden Balance Bike - First Bikes & tricycle for Your Child

A wooden balance bike is a fantastic first bike for young children. With height-adjustable seats, these bikes can help your child on their journey towards cycling. We have a great range of wooden balance bikes, everything from basic designs up to the unicorn bikes! Riding around the garden outside on a wooden balance bike is a great way to teach balance and how to stay on the bikes.

These bikes are eco-friendly too. They're made from responsibly sourced materials like wood and finished with non-toxic painting materials. These wooden balance bikes are safe for your kids and on the environment.

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Page 1 of 1:    8 Items 

What age is a wooden balance bike or tricycle for?

Children can start riding a wooden balance bike from about age 18 months, depending on their height and weight of the bike. Most balance bikes have height adjustable seats which can go right down, so measure your childs leg height and check which bike is more suitable for them.

Is a wooden balance bike good for 2 year olds?

YES! A wooden balance bike has two wheel and no pedals, the aim of which is to help teach toddlers as young as 18-months to balance on two wheels. Once they have mastered balancing on two weeks, children will learn to ride a 'normal' bike with pedals much more easily. A child should always be able to reach the floor with their feet easily on a balance bike.

Can you add pedals to a wooden balance bike?

Generally most wooden balance bikes you cannot add pedals to. Some brands have pedals but generally not, just check each brand specifications for this feature.

Which wooden balance bike is best?

This depends on what feature you are looking for. Wooden balance bikes which have a large extending seat height will last the longest and might be considered the best.

What is good about a wooden balance bike?

The main feature of a wooden balance bike which makes them popular starter bikes for children is that they play a key role in helping to develop your childs gross motor skills and balance co-ordination. Spatial awareness is also greatly helped by a wooden balance bike.

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