Wooden Balance Bike

wooden balance bike

Wooden Balance Bike

A wooden balance bike is a fantastic first bike for young children. With height-adjustable seats, these bikes can help your child on their journey towards cycling.

We have a great range of wooden balance bikes for kids, everything from basic designs up to the unicorn balance bikes! Riding around the garden outside on a balance bike is a great way to teach balance and how to stay on the bikes.

Our wooden balance bike range is eco-friendly too. They're made from responsibly sourced materials like wood and finished with non-toxic painting materials. Our wooden balance bike selection is safe for your kids and for the environment.

Best Wooden Balance Bikes

What age is a wooden balance bike for?

Children can start riding a wooden balance bike from about age 18 months, depending on their height and weight of the bike. A wooden balance bike with height adjustable seats which can go right down, so measure your child's leg height and check which bike is more suitable for them.

Is a wooden balance bike good for 2 year olds?

YES! A wooden balance bike for kids has two wheels and no pedals, the aim of which is to help teach toddlers as young as 18-months to balance on two wheels. Once they have mastered balancing in two weeks, children will learn to ride a 'normal' bike with pedals much more easily and move one from their wooden balance bike. A child should always be able to reach the floor with their feet easily on a wooden balance bike.

Can you add pedals to a balance bike?

Generally most wooden balance bikes you cannot add pedals to. Some brands have pedals but generally not, just check each brand specifications for this feature.

Which balance bike is best?

It actually depends on what you’re looking for in a wooden balance bike. Balance bikes made from wood which have a large extending seat height will last the longest and might be considered the best.

What is good about a balance bike?

The main feature of a wooden balance bike which makes them popular starter bikes for children is that they play a key role in helping to develop your child's gross motor skills and balance coordination. Spatial awareness is also greatly helped by a wooden balance bike.

Buy your balance bikes today!

The best way to get your child to be a confident cyclist is to start early, the age 2 is about the ideal time to let them start playing on a wooden balance bike. Here are some steps to help you start your child cycling today!

A wooden balance bike is a cycle for toddlers, it is fatter, smaller, has no pedals (though some can have some added later) and has rather fatter tyres. Some of the bikes come with a brake, but children generally learn to stop by using their feet at first. For older children, you can use a standard bike and remove the pedals to transform it into a balance bike.

Getting on your balance bikes

Before you let your child play on the wooden balance bike, it might be worthwhile checking it over first. The types should be pumped up and ready, any flat tyres will hinder performance! Also ensure the seat of the wooden balance bike is nice and steady, if it's wobbly it will hinder balancing rather than help. Don't lift your child on and off the wooden balance bike, let them practice getting on and off it themselves.

To help your child get on the bike at first, you need to lean the bike towards your child and get them to swing their leg over the top. Both feet should be comfortably able to be flat on the ground. Both hands should be on the handle bars. If there is a break, make sure they can reach it comfortably and be able to pull it.

Getting Moving on Your Wooden Balance Bike

To start with, walk slowly with your child, holding the handle bar. Encourage your child to push off the ground using their feet to propel the bike forward. They should always be sitting up when doing this and looking ahead, not at their feet. A good idea to help this is to have someone up ahead attracting their attention. If you repeat this walk with them many times, your child will naturally pick up speed and the skills to do it on their own, without you holding onto the bike. Encourage them to slow down or stop by putting their feet down on the ground.

Learning to Glide on their Wooden Balance Bike

As your child gains confidence, encourage them to take longer steps, then great big strides as they are moving. This will help them to move faster and faster. A good way to then getting the bike moving, is to get your child to do push, push, glide; push push glide repeatedly. This can be done better on a very gentle slope and get your child to lift their feet on the glide section. Keep doing this again and again as practice will really help them get perfect at balancing.

There are many reasons to choose a balance bike for your child instead of a trike or a bike with stabilisers as your child's first bike. Most active cycle instructors feel that it is best to learn to balance first, before learning to pedal. This will give your child more control over their bike and they will learn to slow down properly and steer properly by learning how to balance properly.

Steering the Balance Bike

Once your child has mastered the push, push, glide, lifting their feet and balancing you can start to teach them to steer the balance bikes. To do this get them to lean into the direction they are going and move the handlebars gently. You can help with this at first. From that, you can teach them how to squeeze the brake gently. Once they have mastered this, teach them some simple games which will help with confidence like playing stop and go, fast and slow.

Don't push them too fast too soon on their bike skills. Do it in short bursts and stop when they get tired. Don't try to teach them bike skills when they are hungry or tired, it won't work! 30 minute sessions are ideal for young toddlers. The key to learning the skills is practice, practice, practice and taking it out little and often rather than in big long bursts. Before you know it, your toddler will by flying and you will be running to keep up with them. Remember to always make the active sessions fun with the wooden bike! The beauty of wooden bikes is you don't need many accessories with them, although some do come with bike bags

Transition to a Pedal Balance Bike

If your toddler is well used to a balance bike, at four years old they will find the active transition to a pedal bike, without stabilisers very easy as they will know how to balance, steer and brake.

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