Wooden Balls

wooden balls

Wooden Balls

Wooden balls in all sizes and colours that are perfect for open ended imaginative play. Build your own ball runs, play marbles or have fun threading with chunky wooden beads. The Grimm's wooden balls are perfect for throwing, catching and rolling making them great for perfecting fine and gross motor skills as well as hand eye coordination. The natural wood is wonderfully tactile, and the texture makes them easy for little hands to hold.

The smaller wooden balls make a great replacement for marbles and can be used alongside other toys to create home made ball runs that will provide hours of entertainment on a rainy day. 

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Grimms 6 Wooden Balls
£13.50  (43)
Grimms 35 Wooden Marbles
£9.50  (5)
Grimms 60 Coloured Beads, 20mm
Grimms 180 Coloured Beads 20mm
£43.96  (1)
Grimms 36 Coloured Beads 30mm
£16.50  (5)
Grimms 480 Coloured Beads 12mm
Grimms 30 Beads purple-pink 20mm
£11.50  (1)
Grimms 6 Wooden Balls, monochrome
£12.95  (3)

Page 1 of 1:    13 Items 
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