Wooden Building Blocks for Toddlers

Block play has so many benefits for toddlers and young children that many experts believe that every playroom, nursery and classroom should have a set of blocks.

Playing with blocks helps with both physical and cognitive development. The fine motor skills developed during block play are vital for many other skills such as writing or playing instruments, and children also develop gross motor skills, balance and spatial awareness.

It takes a lot of concentration for children to balance blocks one on top of the other and can be frustrating when they all fall down but this in itself is a valuable lesson that helps them build resilience later in life. And of course, picking them up and starting again is all part of the fun.

You can build some amazing structures with blocks that can be incorporated into other games and imaginative play. Some are designed specifically for this purpose and we absolutely love these sets, but you don't need castle blocks to build a castle. Or rather your kids don't, their imaginations will do the work .

Here are our top picks of best wooden building blocks for your little one:

Basic Wooden building Blocks


When it comes to wooden building blocks you can't get much better than the Grimms range. Their natural building blocks are the perfect classic set for any age. And we love the large stepped pyramid if you want to build high.

The rainbows, tunnels, elements and building sets are all perfect for creative block play. Add a set of semi-circles to a rainbow for instance and you have a castle, a farmyard, a mountain for a ball run.

Plan Toys

Plan Toys make great building blocks along with many other fantastic toys for toddlers. The basic block set and the creative block set are both great for developing basic building skills, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving.

Building Blocks with a twist


Tegu adds a bit of magic to your block play thanks to the hidden magnets inside each block. This means kids can build out as well as up and get much more creative with their designs.

Add a set of wheels and they can make vehicles as well as structures, making this a toy that will be enjoyed for years to come.

BigJigs Click Blocks

Similar in a way to mega blocks the Big Jigs click blocks fit securely together making it easier to build more complex structures. Unlike mega blocks, they are not made of plastic making them a lot more tactile as well as more environmentally friendly.

Marble runs

Marble runs seem to have the capacity to delight at any age. There's something mesmerising about watching and hearing the marbles travel down the track and a huge sense of achievement to be found in building the perfect run.

The small foot marble runs are made up of lots of individual building blocks that need to be stacked together carefully to ensure free passage for the marbles. Younger toddlers may need a bit of help but they will still love watching the marbles roll.

You might be worried about how grubby wooden building blocks can get, especially as you can't just throw them in the dishwasher as you can with plastic. But don't worry. We take a look at how to clean wooden building blocks here.

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