Wooden Building Blocks

woden building blocks

Wooden Building Blocks for Children's Early Development

There are so many benefits to kids from playing wooden building blocks. Wooden building blocks offer hours upon hours of fun playtime for kids while serving as powerful learning tools.

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Grimms Dwarf Village
£72.50  (3)
Goki Rainbow Building Blocks
Grimms Small 4 Elements Building Set
£56.70  (2)
Bigjigs Click Blocks - Coloured - 100pce
£86.95   £50.00
Bigjigs Click Blocks - Natural - 100pce
£86.95   £50.00
Grimms Natural Building Boards
Grimms Pastel Building Boards
£42.90  (2)
Grimms Rainbow Building Boards
£42.50  (7)
Grimms Small Stepped Counting Blocks
£41.94  (1)
Grimms Landscape
£40.94  (2)
Grimms Pastel 36 Cubes Square
£35.00  (4)
Grimms Little Flower
£34.96  (11)
Grimm's Concave finds Convex
Grimms Cave Arch
£34.70  (5)
Grimms Coral Reef
£34.70  (5)
Grimms Rainbow Forest
£32.94  (7)
Grimms Building Set Rainbow Hearts
£31.50  (11)
Grimms Building Set Red Hearts
£31.50  (6)
Grimms 15 Blocks, natural
Sevi Fantasy Cubes Pastel
Grimms 6 Piece Rainbow
£24.50  (67)
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Eco-friendly Wooden Blocks

Wooden building blocks stimulate your children's creative thinking and expands their imagination. As your children piece together their blocks to build their creations, they develop their gross and fine motor skills. It also helps them identify different shapes and colours. While building blocks can be played solo, it also encourages interaction with others resulting in improved social and language skills.

Made from high-quality wood and finished with non-toxic paint, these wooden building blocks are 100% safe for kids and on the environment. They also feature smooth rounded edges so you will have a peace of mind every time your little one is playing with these wooden blocks.Also, the wooden texture of these wooden blocks brings your child closer to nature.

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