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Eco-friendly Wooden Dolls Pram

Browse our range of wooden doll prams from popular brands like Indigo Jamm, Tidlo and Tender Leaf.

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Indigo Jamm Petworth Pram
Tender Leaf Toys Sweetiepie Wooden Dolls Pram
£75.00   £56.25
Tidlo 2 in 1 Dolls Cradle
£52.50  (3)
Bigjigs Doll's Pram
Indigo Jamm Hearts Pram
£60.00   £45.00  (1)
Tidlo 3 in 1 Dolls Pram
£59.95   £44.95  (8)
Tidlo Dolls High Chair
£42.95  (7)
Indigo Jamm Loxhill Pram
£60.00   £35.00  (1)
Indigo Jamm Hearts Cot
£47.00   £33.00
Rubens Baby Carrycot ''4 in 1''
£44.00   £32.95
£47.95   £30.00
Bigjigs Doll's Cradle
£35.99   £25.00
Bigjigs Doll's High Chair
£35.99   £25.00
Indigo Jamm Hearts Highchair
£34.00   £20.00  (2)

Page 1 of 1:    15 Items 

Fun & Imaginative Play with Wooden Doll Prams

These beautifully crafted wooden doll prams provide endless hours of creative and imaginative play for your kids. Your little ones can place their dolls in the doll pram and push it along as they stroll around the house or outdoors in the garden. While they push their doll prams with them, your kids develop a wide range of skills like body strength, motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Your kid can also rock their dolls to sleep in the doll pram. Many kids find this kind of activity relaxing and giving them a sense of calm.

Wooden doll prams are some of the most adorable doll accessories, making them the perfect addition to your child's toy collection to make their doll playtime more realistic and detailed. Children love to emulate their parents and with these wooden doll prams, they can show their favourites dolls how parents take care of them.

We advocate eco-friendly so our toy collection is no different than our eco-friendly products. These wooden doll prams are made from responsibly sourced wood and painted with lovely colours using non-toxic water-based watercolour. They are safe for kids and good on the environment. The wooden texture of these wooden doll prams bring your kids closer to nature.

Our collection of wooden doll prams conform to European and international safety standards on kids' toys.

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