Wooden Fire Engines for Kids

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Best Toy Fire Engines for your Little One

Kids love pretending to be firefighters and playing with fire engine toys. Thereís no doubt that firefighters are real-life heroes. They face danger and save lives on a daily basis just like superheroes and yet they are real people that your children can see, talk to and aspire to be.

All this makes them the perfect subjects for imaginative and small world play.

Plus of course firefighters and their fire engines are the focus of a number of popular childrenís TV shows.

So if your little one is obsessed with all things fireman you might want to buy them their very own fire engine to play with.

Weíve compiled a great selection of some of the best wooden fire engines available that are high quality, ethically made, and perfect for inspiring hours of imaginative and creative play.

Indigo Jamm Freddie Fire Engine

Indigo Jamm are firm favourites at Baba Me and for good reason. They make a great range of wooden vehicles and other toys that are bright, colourful, well made and loads of fun to play with and their gorgeous Freddie Fire Engine is no exception.

Freddie comes complete with a set of 4 peg firefighters that will fit either inside the fire engine toy thanks to the easy to lift off lid, or on the moveable ladder. And if you have other Indigo Jamm toys all the peg people are interchangeable so your little one can have fun rescuing other peg people from burning cars or buildings.

The bright colours, simple peg people and sturdy, chunky design make this the perfect wooden fire engine for toddlers. Plus if you love it you can build a whole small world collection with everything from a house, car and campervan to more service vehicles like the rubbish truck and ambulance and even a fishing trawler, lighthouse and a UFO.

We love Indigo Jamm and Freddie Fire Engine is a great place to start, especially if you have a budding firefighter at home.


Big Jigs have two great fire trucks to offer depending on the age of your little one. Both are bright, well made and very affordable making them a popular choice. Plus they also make a set of bendable firefighters and a fantastic wooden fire station to complete the set.

The stacking fire engine is a great toy for little ones as they can use it to practise their stacking skills as well as zooming to the rescue. This is a great option for promoting fine motor skills and dexterity, problem-solving and imaginative play.

For slightly older children the Big Jigs City Fire Engine is a really fantastic toy. You can lift the roof off the cab so the firefighters can sit inside. You do need to buy them separately. And the movable ladder is perfect for gaining access to burning buildings.

Tidlo Playset

The Tidlo Fire Engine Set is great for older children as it comes with so many accessories, although again you have to buy the firefighters separately. The fire hoses, traffic cones and signs and little fires are perfect for more in-depth imaginative play and really add to the appeal, as does the extendable ladder.

Tidlo also makes a fantastic two-storey fire station complete with a fireman's pole that is always a hit with kids.

Plan Toys

Finally if you love more natural-looking wooden toys we highly recommend the plan toys fire truck. This exceptionally sturdy fire truck has thick chunky tires, a rotating extendable ladder and a retractable fire hose. Itís the most expensive of the bunch but itís massive and definitely a toy that you can pass on to friends or keep for future generations.

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