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wooden marble run

Fun & Games with Wooden Marble Ball Tracks

Marble track games are a fun learning toys that can be used and enjoyed by tots and adults alike, age is no limit to having fun with a wooden marble run! Everyone is encouraged to discover and develop their motor skills, creativity, problem-solving aptitudes, and vocabulary and a Marble Run is perfect for that. You never stop learning! The Marble Run also helps in developing social skills and engineering skills! Who knew the simple run could be such an educational toy! We love building up the tracks and having fun down the runs. The older the child, the more complex they can build their wooden marble run track!

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Djeco Zig & Go 45 Pieces
Djeco Zig & Go 48 Pieces
Big Jigs Marble Run
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Djeco Zig & Go 27 Pieces
Djeco Zig & Go 25 Pieces
Bigjigs Car Racer
Way to Play Road to Recovery
Grimms 6 Wooden Balls
Grimms 6 Wooden Balls pastel

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What is a marble run?

Marble runs come in many various forms, but essentially consist of a marble running along rails. A Marble Run can be made from wood (most of ours are), or from plastic, or indeed anything that will allow a marble to roll freely. Grimm's toys and blocks are a great way to build your own marble run. Marble runs can also be used with cars instead of marbles for some.

How do you build a marble run or marble games?

Most of the Marble Runs we stock can be made to be built in hundreds of different ways, your imagination is the only thing stopping you. A lot of our runs are compatible, so you can tie the marble run all together.

Marble run - from what age can these games be played?

Some of our Marble Run we have in stock are suitable from 18 months old. The larger marble run are from age 3+, however, there is no upper age limit to having fun with a marble run. 

We love a good Marble run. They are absolutely great fun and really help to develop hand-eye coordination. A Marble run is colourful and highly educational toy that is suitable for all ages from toddler to teenage years and beyond! We have a fantastic range of marble runs, from the very simple Marble Run for younger children, with large wooden balls. The smaller Marble Run can help to introduce the cause-effect concept to children whilst the bright balls rushing down the Run can really engage and catch their eyes. Most of our marbles runs come with very bright balls making them very eye catching.

The marble run is a construction game designed to give enjoyment while simultaneously encouraging creativity and motor skills. All of our marble runs features lots of brightly coloured wooden pieces which can be built into a variety of combinations (literally hundreds, the imagination is the only limit, and most of our marble runs can be combined together. As well as encouraging motor skills and vocabulary, a marble run also develop creative, constructive and problem-solving skills as kids build and try out different run combinations.

Children just love to see a reaction to something they do, cause and effect, and this selection of ball runs perfectly to fulfill that idea. A chunky wooden marble run with large balls are suitable for even the youngest of children, while older brothers and sisters can get competitive with more complicated designs. First up, build a structure and be mesmorised by the ball as it rapidly navigates the course. 

A marble run is full of engineering, adventure seeking, and family filled fun.

Brightly decorated to catch the eye.

Helps to develop hand-eye coordination, creativity and sparks imagination. 

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