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wooden nativity set

Wooden Nativity Figures

The nativity set is a timeless tradition. It's been around for centuries and it never gets old. This year, why not get your own wooden nativity set to tell the story of Jesus Christ in your home? You can use these sets as decorations or you can let your kids play with them! They are perfect for all ages and make great gifts too!

Our wooden nativity sets come in many shapes, sizes, colours, and are made in sustainable materials. There's one out there just waiting for you to find it! Whether you want something simple or extravagant, we have the perfect sets for any budget. Browse our collection now and find the perfect nativity set for you and your family!

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Sevi Large Wooden Nativity Scene
Holztiger Archangel 80287
Holztiger Archangel 80299
Holztiger Archangel 80313
Holztiger Balthasar 3
Holztiger Balthasar 80295
Holztiger Balthasar red
Holztiger Caspar 3
Holztiger Casper Blue
Holztiger Father Christmas 80318
Holztiger Joseph 3
Holztiger Joseph 80297
Holztiger Joseph 80454
Holztiger Mary 3
Holztiger Melchior 3
Holztiger Melchior green
Holztiger Shepherd 80316
Holztiger Shepherd with flute 80291
Holztiger Shepherd with lamp
Holztiger Shepherd with lamp 80303
Holztiger Shepherd with staff
Holztiger Joseph
Holztiger Baby Jesus 3
Holztiger Mary 80286
Holztiger Angel 2 orange
Holztiger Angel 80301
Holztiger Gaspar
Holztiger Angel with Star
Holztiger Sleigh 80330
Holztiger Melchor

Page 1 of 1:    37 Items

Along with Christmas cards, advent calendar, a Christmas gift collection under the Christmas tree and rustic Christmas decorations, nothing can complete your holiday decorations without a wooden nativity scene.

For ready-made ease choose the beautifully made Sevi Large Nativity Scene set. Complete with timber stable, camels, sheep, and donkey, three wise men, the shepherds and the angel. All ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Set up the manger scene with Mary and Joseph and the animals. Then wait for the baby Jesus and all his visitors to arrive.

Sevi has been making top quality toys since 1831. Their unique style and continental colours make them a popular choice for children and adults alike. The charming faces on the figurines and exquisite attention to detail make these wonderful Christmas ornaments.

Alternatively build your nativity scene set from Holztigers stunning hand carved, hand painted toys. Or create an alternative Christmas scene with Santa and his Sleigh.

Setting up a Christmas nativity scene for many of us will be a Christmas tradition we remember from childhood. Maybe they were figures you were allowed to play with or maybe they were precious set ornaments to be admired but not touched.

A lovely nativity set makes the perfect Christmas display that can be played with for hours on end year after year and yet still look simply stunning as part of your Christmas decorations. Nativity figures and playset that allow children to re-enact the nativity story are good toys to play this Christmas.

Holztiger Set

Holztiger, based in Europe, creates the most beautiful handcrafted toys designed to fuel your child's imagination. Each artisan is trained for six to twelve months to make just one figure in the range. The result of which is amazing quality and detail. Build a collection of farm animals, woodland critters, wild creatures, dinosaurs and fantasy figures. Then bring them all together for a Christmas celebration.

Holztiger wooden stable, manufactured from solid hardwood, has been hand painted with water-based paints. All of Holztiger's beautiful toys are handmade, built to last, and as unique as the children playing with them. The detachable star makes this nativity stable the perfect backdrop for your holiday decorations.

When Christmas is over remove the star and you have horse stables, mobile stables or tack rooms depending on the day. This stable block will be the perfect home for your animals year round.

Open your stable doors to baby Jesus in his manger, Mary and Joseph, Angels, Kings and Shepherds. And of course, as many animals as you can make space for. We love camels, donkeys and sheep but don't be surprised if your little ones add in a sneaky giraffe of a lion cub.

Building your scene during the run-up to Christmas is a great way to slowly add to your Christmas decor. We love the idea of getting a new figure for the set or decoration for the Christmas tree in your advent calendar each morning. This will become a treasured family tradition in no time. And in 30 years you'll be watching your grandchildren doing the same.

And if Bible stories don't feature you could build an equally lovely Christmas scene with Santa Claus, a sleigh full of presents and a herd of reindeer. You could even have your very own Rudolph.

Ostheimer Set

Simply stunning quality these beautiful hand carved toys are made from sustainable hardwood and hand painted with eco-friendly paints. Children will have hours of fun building magical make-believe worlds. And they are certainly attractive enough to have as ornaments at Christmas or any other time of year.

The Ostheimer camels are just wonderful, full of character and ready to travel across the desert following the Christmas star. Choose them with or without a saddle and prepare for all sorts of magical adventures long after the rest of the Christmas decorations have gone back in the attic.

The sheep and cows also make particularly delightful stable residents to watch over baby Jesus as he sleeps in his manger.

Although quite different in style, Holiztiger and Ostheimer are perfect to mix and match and any of the stables or farm buildings would work equally well for a nativity scene .

Christmas Club

We know that Christmas can be an expensive time and that the most popular items get snapped up quickly. So to help you plan ahead and spread the cost you can set up a Christmas Club (or Birthday Club). Simply pay a 20% deposit and your items will be reserved. Then pay the rest in installments to spread the cost.

You can even change your order up to two times so it's not the end of the world if you need to add a few extra bits.

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And because we realise that it's not always that easy to judge exactly what you are getting when you buy online we offer a no questions asked refund policy. Simply post what you don't want back to us, in its original condition and packaging of course, within 30 days, and we will refund or exchange.