Wooden Play Food

wooden play food

Wooden Food Perfect for Wooden Play Kitchen or Toy Shop

Every child loves to play pretend and having a wooden play kitchen complete with cooking utensils, wooden or enamel pots and pans and a luscious selection of play food is a great invitation for role play. A selection of wooden toy food and a play kitchen offers excellent opportunities for open-ended imaginative play.

As children emulate the world around them through play they learn and develop numerous key skills. From fine and gross motor skills as they chop toy cutting fruit to emotional and language skills as they act out imaginative scenarios serving up dinner from their play food collection.

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Bigjigs Banana Wooden Play Food
£1.45  (1)
Big Jigs Pack of 6 Eggs
Big Jigs Marmalad Spread
Bigjigs Watermelon Wooden Play Food
£1.45  (3)
Bigjigs Strawberry Wooden Play Food
£1.45  (1)
Big Jigs Dairy Delivery
Big Jigs Jam Spread
Big Jigs Peanut Butter Spread
£1.96  (2)
Bigjigs Mushroom Wooden Play Food
£2.45  (1)
Bigjigs Chocolate Wooden Play Food
£1.45  (2)
Bigjigs Fried Egg
£1.45  (1)
Big Jigs Chocolate Spread
£1.96  (1)
Big Jigs Honey Spread
£1.96  (1)
Bigjigs Boiled Egg Wooden Play Food
£1.45  (1)
Bigjigs Fish Fillet Wooden Play Food
£2.45  (1)
Big Jigs Seafood Crate
£12.95  (1)
Bigjigs Birthday Cake
£18.46  (1)
Bigjigs Chocolate Cake
£18.46  (1)
Bigjigs Milk Carton Wooden Play Food
£1.96  (2)
Big Jigs Cheese Board Set
Bigjigs Chicken Thigh Wooden Play Food
£1.45  (1)
Bigjigs Fish Wooden Play Food
£1.45  (1)
Bigjigs Apple Wooden Play Food
£2.45  (2)
Big Jigs Milk Delivery
Bigjigs Cherries Wooden Play Food
£1.96  (1)
Bigjigs Ice Lolly
£1.95  (1)
Big Jigs Cupboard Groceries
£19.96  (2)
Bigjigs Cupcake
Bigjigs Iced Bun
Bigjigs Wooden Food Crate
Big Jigs Cutting Veg Crate
£12.95  (3)
Big Jigs Fruit Crate
Big Jigs Vegetable Crate
£12.95  (1)
Bigjigs Box of Biscuits
£14.95  (5)
Tidlo Wooden Fruit Salad
£12.50  (6)
Big Jigs Chilled Groceries
£19.96  (1)
Bigjigs Fruit Smoothie Wooden Play Food
£1.45  (1)
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Discover our great range of play food sourced from some of our favourite toy suppliers. Choose from individual play food items to stock your play kitchen cupboards or shop shelves, we particularly love the Big Jigs range for this, where you can get everything from a little jar of marmalade or chocolate spread to individual wood bananas or even a bulb of garlic.

You can choose from a tantalising selection of wooden play cakes and treats that can be enjoyed time and time again, guilt-free. Or stock your play kitchen with everything you need for a healthy balanced diet. Including crates of delicious looking fresh meat and fish, cheese and dairy straight from the farm, and luscious juicy fruit and vegetables to practise your cutting skills.

Fans of baking might particularly love the Small Foot wooden egg treat. This little play food set has a whisk with a wooden handle, a metal bowl and a box of eggs, three of which you can separate the whites and yolks. Just like real eggs! A perfect addition to any play kitchen or wooden toy collection. And kids who have a love of cooking before they are an age where they can crack a real egg.

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