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Puzzles are some of the best ways to pass time and with our range of wooden puzzles, you can introduce a simple yet challenging activity to your little one.

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Grimms Small 4 Elements Building Set
Grimms Landscape
Grimms Puzzle Octagon
Tender Leaf Colour Me Happy
Tender Leaf Toys Garden Patch Puzzle
Tidlo ABC Board
£24.30   £20.66
Tender Leaf Ouch Puzzle
Goki 1001 Nights Mosaic Puzzle
£20.04   £16.03
Bigjigs Sudoku
£17.95   £15.26
Tender Leaf Toys Tic Tac Toe
Bigjigs Cog Puzzle
£14.49   £12.32
Goula Puzzle 1-5
£14.95   £11.96
Djeco Edmond The Dragon Puzzle
Tidlo Chunky Pets
£13.66   £11.61
Bigjigs Little Friends Puzzle
£12.95   £11.01
Tidlo Touch & Feel Farm
£12.49   £10.62
Tidlo Touch & Feel Safari
£12.49   £10.62
Goula 3 Level Wooden Cow Puzzle
£12.95   £10.36
Tidlo Farm Sound Puzzle
£11.95   £10.16
Tender Leaf Circus Twister
Tender Leaf London Twister
Tender Leaf Toys Twisting Cubes
Goula Frog Puzzle 3 Levels
£11.95   £9.56
Tidlo Chunky Farm
£10.99   £9.34
Bigjigs Chunky Lift Out Puzzle - Dinosaurs
£10.95   £9.31
Bigjigs Chunky Lift Out Puzzle Farm
£10.95   £9.31
Bigjigs Chunky Lift Out Puzzle Safari
£10.95   £9.31
Bigjigs Lock a Block
£10.95   £9.31
Djeco Puzzle Farm 12 Pieces
Goula Puzzle Shapes
£10.99   £8.79
Goula 3 Cats Puzzle
£10.95   £8.76
Goula 3 Farm Animal Puzzles
£10.95   £8.76
Goula 3 Fishes Puzzle
£10.95   £8.76
Goula 4 Colors Puzzle
£10.95   £8.76
Goula Fire Truck Puzzle
£10.95   £8.76
Goula Penguins Puzzle
£10.95   £8.76
Goula Textures Puzzle
£10.95   £8.76
Goki Number Puzzle 1 - 10
£10.12   £8.10
Tidlo Number Puzzle
£9.50   £8.08
Tidlo Chunky Transport
£9.20   £7.82
Goki Farm Lift-Out Puzzle
£9.12   £7.30
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Page 1 of 2:    64 Items

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles & Simple Puzzles as Early Learning Tools

Introducing puzzles to little kids have its benefits especially to their early development. Puzzles encourage concentration, focus and problem-solving. Designed to keep kids entertained, these puzzles have pieces that are cute and colourful. As your children solve the puzzles, they develop and improve their fine motor skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Made from ethically sourced wooden materials, the texture of these puzzles is tactile and brings your child closer to nature.

Developmental Benefits of Puzzles

It has been known that wooden jigsaw puzzles and puzzles in general are good for a child's early development. Most children start out with easy yet challenging puzzles with simple shapes that fit into corresponding board cutouts. As they grow, they can take on more challenging puzzles like jigsaw puzzles of varying difficulty.

When playing with wooden jigsaw puzzles and other simple puzzles, your child needs to manipulate the puzzle pieces using their hands. This kind of activity develops their fine motor and gross motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. After that, they need to figure out which pieces of the puzzle fit and don't fit. This begins the problem-solving process and your child needs to concentrate to find out a way to make the puzzles pieces to fit together. This teaches patience and how to use their own minds to figure out how to logically solve problems.

The various shapes and colours of wooden jigsaw puzzles and simple puzzles can help with your child's colour and shape recognition. They need to remember the shapes and colours of the puzzles that fit and put aside those that don't, which can result in enchanced memory.

So if you are looking for wholesome way to have fun with your little one, look no further than our collection of eco-friendly jigsaw and simple puzzles.