Wooden Soap Dishes

If you're looking for something to put your favourite natural soap in, your search is finally over. We offer a range of beautiful, eco-friendly soap dishes that will look great in any bathroom. Our wooden soaps are made from sustainable wood sourced from renewable forests. They're handcrafted by skilled artisans who take pride in their work and use only the finest materials. Make your bathroom more beautiful and save the planet at the same, you'll be able to enjoy it for years to come! Or give it away as a plastic free gift to your loved ones!

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Why Use Eco Soap Dish?

If you bought and love natural soaps, you’d be interested in a wooden soap tray. Enjoy all the benefits that come with using a natural soap bar and rest it in a wooden soap dish. You would be happy that you purchased a soap tray made from wood instead of plastic.

Made from natural materials such as coconut, olive wood, hemu wood or bamboo, a handmade soap dish is just the right tray for storing your natural soap or shampoo bar and would make the perfect addition to any bathroom as it makes your soap last longer. Also, a handmade eco soap dish will allow you to display your favourite natural soap in your home. Our soap dishes are some of the most beautifully made on the market. They are made from the hardest natural materials and none of them has been treated with any varnishes or lacquers.

Made from wooden materials

The best thing about handmade wooden soap dishes is they help your bathroom look clean and tidy. Most of them feature a simple design but are effective at preventing soaps from going slimy. Choose from many unique styles, colour, shapes and sizes. We have found that most people prefer smaller soap dishes so they can fit or place more than one on the countertop at once. High-quality soap dishes are made from sustainable bamboo and hemu wood making and allowing your handmade soap to dry between uses.

Bamboo soap dishes are very sustainable as bamboo grows so quickly, so natural bamboo soap dishes are the perfect eco product. For more eco living remember you can use them to store your hand soap, shaving bar, shampoo bar and conditioner bars not just your eco friendly soap.

Good for keeping your soaps dry

Along with its ability to dry out your natural soap, this dish also has raised ridges that help keep water from getting trapped in the eco soap. Note that you may need to scrape off soap build-up occasionally or as soon as you notice it needs to be cleaned. This helps extend and preserve the life of every bar and leaves them feeling soft when they're lathering up on your skin. A soap holder which is made from plastic or ceramics often don't leave enough air circulating.

When choosing a dish ensure it has plenty of drain holes that are nice and big, you don't want them getting blocked easily. A wooden soap tray has big gaps ensuring they are good at draining dish soap so are ideal for dry soap.

Please note that the appearance may vary slightly from the pictures shown because each batch is unique and handcrafted.

How to look after your wooden soap dish

These natural wooden soap dishes need to be regularly cleaned to maintain their clean appearance. For upkeep, you should wipe your wood soap dish with a light oil such as olive or sunflower every few months. We suggest using an unused old toothbrush to clean your soap container.

Make sure your wooden soap dish tray is protected from water or it will become more susceptible to liquid absorption.

Wooden soap dishes are not just a great way to keep your bathroom looking clean, they also come in many styles and colours. We recommend sticking with the smaller soap dishes for best results because larger ones can be hard to find space on your countertop. The problem with a ceramic soap dish is that the soap gloop can get trapped in it and rot, and this does not allow the soap to dry. Drying the soap is important to protect it from bacteria build-up.

By maintaining the life of your natural handmade soaps, a soap dish helps you go plastic-free. Liquid soap comes in single-use plastic and contributes to landfills. Switching to soap is a great way to go plastic-free, and a soap dish helps you on your zero waste journey as it makes your soap last longer. At the end of its life, you can discard it in your compost bin or garden waste bin.

Do you want to put it in your kitchen or bathroom?

A wood soap dish tray is ideal for your handmade soap in the bathroom but also for your natural dish soap in the kitchen. In the bathroom, shower storage may be an issue if you do not have a shelf. It is best if you don't have a shelf in the shower to use a soap bag rather than a natural wood soap dish.

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