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How to Enter The Great Christmas Baba Me Giveaway.

Our competition is running for EIGHT weeks and each week we will have a new fabulous prize, worth at least £150! 

Here we run through all the different competition entries and show you how to enter, so its super easy for you! We have split the competition entries up into 3 sections, Facebook points, Instagram points & Site points.

Facebook Points

Join our Facebook group

You  need to be part of our facebook group to take part in this competition so this is MANDATORY.

Once in our group, find this weeks competition post and competition word and enter it.
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Comment on our Facebook Page Competition Post

Make sure you are looking at the right weeks post, and comment on it. The post will have this logo on any image!

You can do this entry once per day! Note this is on our facebook PAGE, not our facebook group! Ensure you go the main Baba Me page and comment on that post, not the post in our group!
Add your friends to our facebook group!

Let them know about this great competition. Just fill in your friends name which you have added (do not include people already in our group!).

You can do this entry once per day!
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Tag your friends in our competition each week. Just let us know your friends names so we can check you have tagged! Your friends MUST be in the group to do this! facebook group baba me buzz

Instagram Points

join in the fun over on instagram! Bonus £20 vouchers and other goodies are also up for grabs each week on instagram so make sure you are following us!

Find this weeks competition post & comment on it

Each week we will have a new competition post on instagram, they will have this logo on them. It will be named with the week number on it. Just find it, and post on it. 

Just let us know your instagram name and what you commented!
Share our instagram post

Share our picture to your stories or wall using #babamegiveaway

Just let us know your instagram name & how you shared! Shares must be public!
Take Part in Our Weekly Instagram Comps

We are going to be running a weekly themed picture challenge on Instagram. This can be shared to your stories or feed. Using the weekly hashtag.

Site Points


For those who love a good treasure hunt!

Hidden on our site is a code word. Simply find the code word, and enter it, along with the URL of where you found it!

Clues will be given in our facebook group
Place an order!

If you place an order during the 8 weeks, just simply enter the order number!

You get one entry for each order, so if you have placed a few orders, you can enter numerous times.
Join our mailing list!

Enter your email and join our mailing list. If you are already on our mailing list, just enter your email. If you are new enter and don't forget new customers get 15% off their first order!
Enter Mailing List Here
Tell us what you would love to win!

Browse our site and tell us what product you are longing for! Just enter the url of the product to enter this.. you never know we may run it as a prize!

Wooden Toys

wooden toys

Hiqh Quality and Eco-friendly Toys for Kids

If you are looking for high-quality wooden toys, then we have it all in our toy shop. Available both online and in our high street shop. We stock the widest range of beautiful handmade wooden toys for kids of all ages with bright colours which make them appealing to your child. Designed to encourage different styles of play while enriching a wide variety of key skills such as maths skills or motor skills. They are as eco-friendly as they are fun. These wooden toys are made from natural materials like wood and finished with non-toxic dyes, making them good for your kids and the environment.


Find The Perfect Toys for Your Child

We know how important it is to fill a child's box with educational and developmental toys. Baby & toddler toys should not only provide hours of fun but learning and enrichment in all of a child's key skill areas.

Our wonderfully wide variety of traditional toys aim to do just that, whilst encouraging different styles of play. This then ensures a well-rounded play and learning experience. From baby to toddler and beyond, we are here to support you and your children, whatever their age or skill, every step of the way. We list the skills each toy helps with, so if you need help with communication or emotions, it is easier to find the perfect toy.

Search by Age: Find Age-Appropriate Toys

Looking for wooden toys for a 1 year old? Easy!

You can now search our wooden toy section by age as well as the type (and even brands). Making it even easier to look for gifts or plan ahead for the next developmental stages. Plus we have a whole category dedicated to wooden baby wooden and teethers, and an early learning category with lots of classic toys for toddlers.

We know gift giving can be hard, or even just looking for inspiration for age-appropriate toys, then browsing by age will really help. We also list by type, so if you know you want that play kitchen or train set, then you can jump right in!

Choose by Brand

Our top brands are now listed so you can, if you know the brand you want, just drill down directly to them. So if looking for Grimms, then jump straight onto their brand page. We know many of our customers have their favourite brand and just want to see their range together. If you are new to natural toys, you might be better either searching by age, or type first.

Sustainable Toys

We are passionate about looking after the planet that our children will grow up in. After all, we are safeguarding it for our future generations to enjoy. Therefore we have aimed to sell a wide variety of modern and traditional toys that are a mixture of organic, natural, fair trade and handmade from sustainable materials such as beech wood, maple wood and rubber wood amongst others.

Many of our these toys have been lovingly handcrafted. Each item is decorated with non-toxic water-based paints or stains that are bright and vivid enough to pique young imaginations. We can guarantee they are BPA free and there is no lead paint used in their production. Our toys are just as wholesome and beautiful as original homemade toys. Makers such as Holztiger and Grimms have been manufacturing traditional toys for years and create products made to last. Each beautiful piece could easily be passed down to generations as heirlooms, and many of them are beautiful enough to become a well-loved part of your room decoration as well as being fantastic toys.

Open-Ended Play

We have gone out of our way to bring together a great collection of the best toys. However, we do stock some carefully selected plastic and silicone toys, as well as soft toys and dolls. Most are open-ended, perfect if you are following the Steiner education model. Our wooden toy selection encourages pretend play, creative play, and imaginative play. Each has a purpose and a place in a child's development, helping them reach developmental milestones.

Encourage different types of play with beautiful toys

  • Pretend play - with our sets, dolls houses, baby dolls, dinosaurs, animals, cars trucks and trailer, train tracks, train, and boats, your child can create different places for their many characters to visit and play in.
  • Creative play - building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, musical instruments, easels, and craft supplies. Spark your child's creative side as they serenade you with their own compositions, draw you a variety of masterpieces and build houses, towers, and palaces.
  • Imaginative play - Watch as your child uses their open ended toys along with construction pieces and the Way to Play snap circuits to create all manner of different games and situations, the possibilities are endless and your child's imagination will stretch to find different lands and adventures.

Educational Toys and Games

Encourage all these types of play and will help with a variety of key skill areas of development including, emotional development, speech and language skills, cognitive and brain development, social skills, gross motor development, creative thinking, and physical development. These key skills are essential in helping to shape a child's future mental and physical health.

Learning begins at birth and we hope that our beautiful selection of discovery toys, sensory toys and teethers will help to set babies on the right path as they start to take in the world and their surroundings. As they play they will learn how to make toys create different sounds and what happens when they put them down. This, in turn, teaches object permanence, cause and effect, and basic fine motor development.

Stuffed animals and plush dolls will always provide a baby with comfort as well as fun, many of ours have added extras to aid development. Our stroller accessories, such as the wooden pram chains, mean that you can turn any of your baby's bits into stroller ones so they can play and learn on the go. We have activity toys to encourage tummy time, rolling, crawling and walking, these areas of gross motor development are key to a baby's further range of movement and physical health.

Wooden Toys for Toddlers

Our toddler section includes basic educational wooden toys and science kits such as our magnetic sets and abacuses to teach basic math skills. These STEM toys form a vital part of preschool learning and become increasingly important as your child grows. As kids partake in learning activities they are constantly developing their learning capabilities and carefully considered toys aim to make these activities fun.

Children love to play with their parents and friends and we have many games and jigsaw puzzles to encourage this. Children will learn the importance of teamwork and how to share as they interact with other people. Wooden blocks and train sets are perfect for group play. Encourage children to work together to draw a plan for their wooden railway and then build the different outlays they have designed. Next, they can use their different shaped blocks to make the buildings that surround their railways. Once built children can use a train or truck to transport their figurines around the world they've created.

These developmental toys are brilliant for all children and will help them thrive as they grow including those with a developmental delay or autism. You'll watch as your baby becomes a prime mover with our range of pull objects and different sets of wheels to push along or ride on. 

How do you clean these toys?

Not sure how to clean wooden toys? It's actually really simple. Don't soak them and don't use any harsh cleaning products. A simple solution of water with either an organic soap or white vinegar is perfect. Spray the solution on, wipe with a clean damp cloth, and air dry.

Need help and advice in choosing the best wooden toys for you?

If you can't decide what to buy let us put together a mystery wooden toy box for you. This makes gift giving easy as we use our training and experience to choose the perfect gifts for you. Alternatively, read one of our advice blog posts or reach out to other customers in our very active facebook group, where they all love their wooden toys.

Wooden Toys

We LOVE wooden toys and we have a fantastic selection of high quality, built to last wooden toys, for all ages and budget. Browse our wide range by age, type or wooden toy brand

Toy Sale
Indigo Jamm Casey Camper Van
£38.00   £32.30
Indigo Jamm Hascombe House
£125.00   £106.25
Indigo Jamm Hearts Cot
£47.00   £39.95
Indigo Jamm Hearts Highchair
£34.00   £28.90
Indigo Jamm Little Carpenters Bench
£68.00   £57.80
Indigo Jamm Loxhill Pram
£60.00   £51.00
Indigo Jamm Lynton Kitchen
Plan Toys Makeup Set
£26.95   £22.91
Tender Leaf Toys Tic Tac Toe
Tidlo Country Play Kitchen
£155.00   £124.99
Tidlo Picnic Tea Set in Pink