Worry Dolls

worry dolls

Guatamalan Worry Dolls

Traditional handcrafted worry dolls are perfect for chasing away worries and fears.

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Personalised Worry Dolls
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What are Worry Dolls?

Worry dolls are small handmade dolls orginating from Guatemala. They are sold in large quantities as souvenirs in the country and quite popular because they are easy to carry around.

Traditionally, a worry doll is given to sorrowful children. They would tell the worry doll their worries, fears and sorrows then hide it under their pillows during the night. When they wake up, their worries are gone. Legend has it that the worry doll handles the worry, fears and sorrow instead of the children, allowing them to sleep peacefully at night.

In modern times, worry dolls remain popular. They even play a role in modern child psychiatry. Some counselors or psychiatrist use worry dolls when interviewing children. The worry doll works as an imaginary yet trustworthy 'companion' who would work as a 'troubleshooter' between the child and adult.

Our collection is perfect for all ages and make fantastic gifts for any occasion where a little bit of Mayan magic might be helpful.