Yuuki Cup - Commonly Asked Questions


If you are new to the idea of using a Yuuki cup, or any other brand of menstrual cup then you’ve probably got a few questions you would like to know the answers to before you get started.

We’ve compiled a few of the most common questions and answered them all in one place so you can start your journey with confidence.

How do you use a Yuuki Cup?

Using a Yuuki cup is just like any other menstrual cup. The cup is designed to be inserted into the vagina and is held in place by the vaginal muscles.

Inserting the cup is done by folding it and inserting it with your hand. You can wet the cup with water or use a lubricant to make it easier to insert. Most people find a squatting position is ideal for inserting the cup but experiment to find what works best for you.

As you insert the cup you want to have the bottom of the cup roughly 1cm from the entrance to the vagina. The cup then needs to unfold so that it will stay in place and not leak.

How do you Empty a Yuuki Cup?

Emptying the Yuuki cup is simple. Simply remove and tip into the toilet bowl or sink. If you are worried about making a mess you can practise removing it in the shower until you get used to it.

How Often do you Need to Empty the Yuuki?

How often you empty the Yuuki cup depends on your flow. You may need to empty it every few hours if you have a heavy flow, especially if you are using the smaller cup. However many individuals with a lighter flow can keep the cup in for 12 hours and only empty it morning and evening.

How do you Clean a Yuuki Cup?

Cleaning a Yuuki cup is also a simple process especially so thanks to the infuser/disinfection box that comes with the cup. Thanks to the box you can easily disinfect in the microwave or you can boil in a pan. The cup should be disinfected at the beginning and end of your bleed.

How Long Does a Yuuki Cup Last?

A Yuuki cup is made of high quality medical and food-grade silicone with a long life. It’s the same grade of silicone used during surgery so technically there is no reason the cup shouldn’t last you a lifetime. Generally menstrual cups are advertised to last for ten years so this isn’t something you will need to keep buying.

Can a Menstrual Cup Get Stuck Inside You?

No it can’t, however, it can be hard to remove if you haven’t released the vacuum. If you are struggling you might want to be in the shower so you’re not worried about any mess.

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